The New Westminster Progressive Electors Coalition launched a new video today aimed at increasing community engagement online. It will be promoted on a number of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the next 4-6 weeks.

“Increasingly a number of New Westminster residents want to engage on civic issues online,” says B.C. Lee, Chair of Community Engagement. “We plan to release a number of these types of videos on a range of topics over the coming months which are aimed at helping to raise awareness of our new municipal political organization.”

The Coalition formally announced on November 1st that it plans to set up a formal elector organization in 2018 with the intention of running a slate of candidates for both council and school board. The community reacted very positively with over 600 page views on the Coalition’s website in the first 48 hours alone!

“It’s important we immediately begin an active dialogue with the community regarding what they consider as their key priorities,” says Daniel Fontaine, Chair of the Coalition. “The video is intended to stimulate that discussion and build on the tremendous response to our new political organization we’ve triggered over the last couple of weeks.”

If you want to volunteer or make a financial contribution to the Coalition, please call 778-863-7201 or email