The local New Westminster Record newspaper will be landing on everyone’s doorstep today and it features a feature story on the inaugural Neighbourhood Networking Night hosted by the New West Progressives.

What follows is an excerpt from the story.


By Theresa McManus

The New Westminster Progressive Electors Coalition plans to run candidates for mayor, city council and school board in this year’s municipal election.

Over 70 people attended the inaugural Neighbourhood Networking Night on January 18th

Daniel Fontaine, a founding member of the coalition, recently announced the group had received approvals to form a non-profit society. Its next step is to form a registered electoral organization.

“You can just go and become an electoral association, but we felt that it would be, from a transparency perspective and from a governance perspective, really good for us to have a non-profit society,” he said. “We are intending to be around well past the next election, so it would allow us a bit of a framework to work just beyond the formalized elector process.”

The coalition established in November 2017 with the goal of putting forward new ideas and a diversity of opinions at city hall. About 70 people attended the group’s inaugural neighbourhood networking night on Jan. 18.

“We were very thrilled. We anticipated 20 to 30 people, and we got an overwhelming response,” Fontaine said. “It was a mix-and-mingle, but we did have announcement to make. I did announce that evening that we had just received approval to form a non-profit society. We had just received all our paperwork from Victoria.”

According to Fontaine, people attending the recent networking event included residents who have been affiliated with the NDP, B.C. Green Party, federal and provincial Liberal parties and federal Conservatives.

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