The NW Progressives (NWP) launched a new video this week encouraging everyone interested in renewal and a more balanced approach at city hall and the school board to consider making a financial contribution or volunteering.

“Given what we’re up against, it will take a lot of donors and volunteers for us to have a chance at taking on the ‘machine’ which currently controls every single seat on council,” says Daniel Fontaine, President of the NWP. “Even with new campaign finance restrictions, the District Labour Council endorsed slate remains well funded and it’ll take a lot of hard work, fundraising and community engagement to ensure we make a breakthrough on election night.”

The first introductory video launched last November garnered an amazing 9000+ views on Facebook and Youtube in less than 8 weeks. This new shorter video aims to get the message out about the need for campaign funds and volunteers.

Catherine Cartwright came within a few hundred votes of becoming the only independent politician elected to New West council

“We were able to sign up a good number of volunteers and start securing donations as a result of our first foray into social media,” says Fontaine. “People are increasingly going online to access information about their local politics and that’s where we intend to focus a great deal of our attention leading up to the October 20th civic election.”

“A lot of people have also moved to New West in the last decade,” adds Fontaine.  “We’re going to make a special effort at reaching out to them in the coming months asking them to join our team and help make our city an even better place to live, work and play. Traditionally there is low voter turnout for most municipal elections. Our goal is to attract top quality candidates who will put forward bold new ideas that will in turn encourage a greater number of voters to show up to the polls this time around.”

In the 2014 election, all seven of the District Labour Council/NDP endorsed candidates swept council leaving the chamber without a single voice of opposition. However, independent candidates Catherine Cartwright and Tej Kainth did come within only a few hundred votes of securing victory.

On February 1st the NWP Society held its inaugural meeting and elected a new executive which in addition to Fontaine includes Danielle Connelly, Vice-President 1 (Communications), B.C. Lee, Vice-President 2 (Neighbourhood Engagement) and Lisa Falbo, Secretary Treasurer.  David Halkett, LLP was also elected to the Board as a member-at-large. The NWP is now planning its first major fundraiser for mid-April with the candidates set to be announced later in the spring. A special networking night is also being organized for New West’s LGBTQ community with details to be announced shortly. Check back on our events tab for more information.

To view the new video, click on the link below and be sure to share it on social media!