NWPEC believes a diverse, inclusive and resident-focused city hall and school board can support a positive vision for our city.

Vision Statement:

  • Elected officials and city staff will reflect the diverse nature of the people living within our community.
  • Every neighbourhood and resident will enjoy the right to be represented at city hall.
  • Elected officials will put the interests of the city ahead of any particular special interest group, business or political party.
  • New Westminster will be home to some of the best public amenities & facilities in comparison to other cities our size.
  • New Westminster parks, walkways and green spaces will be valued as a significant community asset.
  • Future growth and development will serve to strengthen our distinct neighbourhoods, schools and city while addressing ongoing traffic concerns due to our geographic location in the centre of the Lower Mainland.
  • All residents and businesses will feel welcome and encouraged to provide ongoing feedback to elected officials and city hall staff.